Bingo Halls In Florida

Well, I have always said that it is a good idea to keep an open mind about games. Ever since my 10 year old threw a tantrum when after nearly 3 hours playing Monopoly, he landed on my Boardwalk site with a hotel on it. He promptly flipped the board upside down sending all the pieces flying, stormed off and said he wasn't playing. I mean, you have to have a bit of tolerance don't you? You know, keep playing and give things a chance to change, it could be your turn to be on the receiving end next, couldn't it? Now he is in his 40's and his dear old dad is knocking on, he may now take a more subtle approach & reach for a beer. Yes, I think that is what my friend John always liked about Bingo, he was always prepared to give things a chance to change. John loved to play Bingo. "I think my luck is in today", he would say. The thing about Bingo is, it was & still is ridiculously cheap to play, it's quite a short but exciting game, and you can play several sessions in an afternoon or evening. If you don't win, it's no big deal. You all cheer the winner, an elderly lady or guy, who may never have won anything in their life before, and then start all over again. How cool is that? Florida is the place... I mean these days, they even have Florida online bingo for seniors, but the real fun of it is meeting the people. Everyone is trying to win, and we all love a winner, don't we, even if it's not our lucky day! You won't make a fortune as you can only make $250 tops, but the seniors look at it from the making friend's aspect which is fun. There are at least 100 Bingo halls in Florida. Places such as, Hollywood, Daytona Beach, Miami, Kissimmee & Sarasota to name just a few, but if you want to chase after the big bucks, Florida online bingo for seniors, may be more in keeping, are you ready to play?