Tips On Making Better Greyhound Bets

When making the greyhound bets, you need to look for value. If you continually keep looking for them, you will learn how to spot them quick. You need to look at the age; it's clear that a running dog reaches its peak at two years and a bitch will do so at three. Let your choices lie on greyhounds that have been in the run for a few decent races.

Something else is that you have to avoid placing large bets on greyhounds that were in good form and have been hit by a poor form. Your attention should lie on the trap draw when you are coming up with the form information of winners. For instance, if a greyhound performs better in trap 2 and moved to trap 5 you should make a lower bet. Making a straight bet would be a smart move as it is not difficult and is simple and manageable. When making the bet, weight up the odds and try to avoid favorites and long shots. It is better to be selective and not to bet on everything or anything.

In the greyhound racing bets, you need to be smart with your winnings; it is not advisable to make a full replay of all your winnings. You should put some of the winnings back to your pocket. There are times you realize that a greyhound is heavily backed just a few minutes to race time. This might sharply lower the odds. What should you do? Bet on it. This is a vital indicator that somebody has reliable favorable information about it and nobody else knows it.

The sportsbooks you will be placing your bets in are informed and have great wealth of experience in determining the odds. The prices they state at the beginning are pretty good indicators of the greyhounds that are likely to perform well in the race. There might be many punters placing their money on a greyhound that will move to a price that is false. This being so, a dog which might have ranked favorite or second in the list may later drop down in the list when the race is almost starting and the odds might be good. This is not always what happens but if it does, you should be smart enough to make your bet on the dog that first ranked well. This way, you will be sure to make some money.

With this smart tips in greyhound racing bets, you should start making better and informed bets increasing on your winnings.