Miami Dolphins Odds For The Super Bowl Aren't Good - How Sad!

Well it's that time of year again folks, as the Brits would say, it's Footie time (No, not Miller Time!) Of course the beloved football term that the Brits use doesn't quite make the transition across the pond as we look on the game here slightly differently, and even though the World Cup 2014 held in Brazil was quite a show piece as those who indulged will tell you, there is still that big difference between our American football & the game that they call football but we know as Soccer. That said, everyone still bets on it. One thing's for sure, the Miami Dolphins Super Bowl bets that you can back with numerous online sports books look very attractive indeed. What foolish pride some people must have, just because their team aren't highly rated to win the Super Bowl. I mean, yes we all know that it is a big deal to win it. The occasion itself equals anything that any other major sporting event could throw at you & I'm including other one off events like, The U.K. F.A. Cup Final. For those of you that don't know what this is, it's the biggest game on the sports calendar in England, it actually stands for the Football (we call it Soccer) Association Cup Final. Yes, usually two of the elite teams from what is called the Premier League, battle it out, but like all good games of chance, every once in a while, you do get a lowly team who although they may have played all their games on the road to the final in fine style, they got a bit "lucky". They may have been drawn against lower league teams, all the way to the Final and most of those games may have been played in their home stadium, where they obviously have the added advantage of having their home crowd behind them. Bets on these kind of games can surprise you, because what you think is a home banker isn't always the case. There are frequent shock results and highly improbable outcomes all the time. The favourites do not always have it their own way, so you can never discount anyone, so who is to say it's not going to be Miami Dolphins Super Bowl this year? Time to jump on those generous odds, perhaps.