American Slots

The fun nature and exciting themes of a slot machine makes it a highly popular game among the players. There are plenty of themes to choose from. Name it and there is probably a game developer that has already created it. Designs of the game interface vary from well admired celebrities, sought after movies, interesting cultures all over the world, to a least known genre. Almost anything under the sun has been used as an inspiration to build a slot machine.

Among all these themes, there are some that really stand out. These are available at usa casinos. Its popularity has influenced many software providers to create American-themed slot machines in a frequent manner.

American-Themed Slots

Microgaming, for example, has developed and released known American slot machines such as Bars and Stripes, Mystic Dreams, and 5 Reel Drive. Two of these slot machines feature the modern culture of American life, including large burgers, fries, and other known food in America. Meanwhile, the Mystic Dreams will give players a glimpse on the rituals of Native Americans. All these Microgaming games have five reels and three rows. Spinning such interesting games will definitely give players a fun time. Players can explore both classic and video slots at free games websites without using their own money. Our favourite website for free games casinos is and here, players will be able to learn about the different types of free games available and where to play them for real money.

Aside from Microgaming, there are also other software providers that keep on creating slot machines with American themes. For an instance, Pragmatic Play which is also a known software developer has featured Douguie's Delight showcasing the famous American symbols such as their food and favorite sports. Another American inspired game from Pragmatic Play is the Red White Blue slot machine, depicting the flag of the America. This game has only three reels, but it has an entertaining interface to hook the players.

Video Slots

For an extremely entertaining game, video slot is the perfect pick. This type of slot machine features animation for the symbols within the reels. Video slots usually have five (5) reels, similar with the Mystic Dreams, 5 Reel Drive, Douguie's Delight, and Bars and Stripes. Whenever a winning symbols matched in a reel, the players will be rewarded not only by the additional cash, but also with pleasing animation from the screen.

In addition to cool animation, video slots also have a mesmerizing storyline. Before the game starts, an introduction or background of the story will be played on the screen. This will let the players understand the story behind the symbols found inside the reels. Video slots can be considered as an advanced version of slot machine.

Arcade Slots

This type of machine is the one found in an amusement parks or arcades. These slot machines usually don't give off real cash. Instead of casino credits or real money, arcade slot machines let the players get an amusement park tokens or prizes. Similar with the normal slot machine, the goal in an arcade slot is to match similar symbols in one payline. Players who do not want to risk real money will definitely love this game.

Classic Slots

Some players may opt for the new and modern gaming machines, but nothing beats a classic one. Classic slot machines are widespread in casinos. Almost every gaming site has a classic slot machine to offer its players. A classic slot machine is defined as the standard format of a slot game in the past. It usually has three (3) reels waiting for the players to spin.

The themes of a classic slot machine is commonly fruits, bells, and card numbers. It may not be an attractive game for others, but its simplicity can capture the attention of many. To enjoy a classic slot machine, it is recommended to find the finest casinos in town and for best casinos click here.

One sample of a classic slot machine with an American theme is the Red White Blue slot machine developed by Pragmatic Play. This game only uses a few symbols inside the three classic reels. Single bar, double bar, triple bar, and number 7 are the only symbols used in the game. The number 7 comes in different colors, one is blue and the other is white. The best number 7 that players must watch out is the 7 bearing the American flag. It serves as the wild icon of the game that can yield large amount of cash.

Mobile Slots

Those who are always on the go may opt for the mobile slot machines. This type of machine can be accessed using different mobile devices. Players may encounter several machines available for various mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.

The flexibility of mobile slots can definitely help the players in enjoying the game anytime and anywhere. Some mobile slots can be downloaded as an app straight to their devices. Meanwhile, other mobile slots can be played with just a browser but the screen turns responsive to fit the mobile device.